Tuesday, July 14, 2009

FCB Transfers to start again

Barcelona News Blog "Barça Transfer Zone - FCB Transfers" will start again in a couple of hours:


Poor Villa!

by Pablo López
for Marca

When an employee thinks that his time at a firm has ended, that he has higher objectives and that he cannot fulfil them in his current environment, when he loses his trust in his bosses, when, in short, he's not comfortable at his working place, the firm needs to make it possible for him to leave.

I'm referring, my friends, to David Villa and Valencia, but this reasoning could be used for every football player when some conditions are met:

a) that he has given his best for the team, that he has been an irreproachable professional,
b) that he will leave a considerable amount of money in the coffers of his clubs,
c) that, in effect, it's a valued player and that there are big offers for him,
d) and that, like I said, he wants to take on a new professional challenge.

It's obvious that David Villa meets all of them. But there's even more. If we put ourselves in his place, we would end up having the irrefutable feeling that, while being one of the best strikers in the world whom almost every club would want to have in their team, he could again spend one more season at a team that doesn't seem to have a clear course.

This will hurt the valencianistas but their team is adrift. And I'm not only talking about the giant debts but also about the strong feeling of improvisation, lack of leadership, deceit, lies, of "no problem, we'll solve that tomorrow". Honestly, it's no surprise that David Villa is like crazy about wanting to leave.

It's true that he signed last year a contract renewal including the corresponding economic upgrade, but that doesn't mean a lot when you're on the brink of ruin. It doesn't matter if he goes to Madrid or Barça or Milan or United, but Spain's number 7 will do the impossible to go to another place.

Taking into account that he has said several times that he doesn't want to leave Spain and that Madrid has already signed Benzema instead of him, the only real option that Villa has on the table is Barça. By god, I hope it's a tempting one.

Villa cannot offer more to Valencia. He has already given them prestige and goals. Now it's the club's turn to give him the opportuity to leave. 40 millions is a reasonable price for someone who wants to leave. Valencia has the chance to show they're a gentlemen's club. Villa deserves it...

Begiristain acts like Ferguson

by Joan Vehils
for Sport

The two best teams in Europe have chosen for a similar transfer policy this summer. Despite the exits of Ronaldo and Tévez, the almighty Manchester United of the admired Ferguson has already closed the chapter of incoming transfers for next season after signing only three new people. Not even the 94 millions obtained for the Portuguese have lead Sir Alex to go mad and buy in a compulsive way.

It’s obvious that only the results will prove him right or wrong but once again, the manager-coach of United has been consistent with his ideas and way of acting. Here in Barcelona, it’s different. Here, despite having won the Champions league, it seems we are obliged to sign at least Ribéry. Maybe we should take note and worry less about our opponents and highlight more what we already have.

In this time of global crisis, European football cannot go the Florentino way and pull out the checkbook unscrupulously. The Ferguson way, that we have admired so many times, should once again be an example for us. It’s true that the fact that the eternal rival doesn’t stop signing players provokes a healthy envy, but let’s not forget that we still have the best players.

Monday, July 13, 2009

It's too little for Pellegrini

by Alfredo Relaño
for As

Florentino has already spend 211 millions on transfers, among which those of Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaká, but Pellegrini has come out asking for more. He returns from a one-month holiday, a month during which the club has closed those transfer deals, has started a fight with Valencia for Villa, already ended, and with Bayern for Ribéry, on its peak. All this to strenghten a team that has won two of the last three leagues and finished second in the third one. But Pellegrini has arrived, he has pulled a face and at his first press conference he has asked for more. Publicly, so there wouldn't be any doubts.

He also asks that Sneijder would stay, while he's one of the few players Madrid could get a profitable fee for to compensate all the spending a little, and this shows some lack of co-ordination within the technical team of the club, that had made clear that the Dutchmen were destined to leave "to cash up". We should thank Pellefrini for his honesty, but we could also ask what he is going to add. And also ask him to think a little more about the club and not to throw around more requests, that raise the prices and complicate the negotiations on possible candidates for those spots.

He also said, and he's right there, that all the outgoing transfers should be dealt with before 27 July. It's not good that a team starts to work with too many players. The large and well-paid technical department is progressing slowly in this aspect. Of course it's not easy. Madrid always buys expensive and sells cheap. But when they sign executives and pay them those salaries, it's because they think that they can do things that aren't within the reach of the majority of the human beings. It's not enough to only applaud every time that Florentino closes one of his his big deals with players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaká or Benzema.